Alfredo Matos

ICT Work Programme 2016-2017 theme deep dive
Breakout 3: Open Source
Chair: Alfredo Matos, Caixa Magica & PROSE

Alfredo Matos is a Senior Research Engineer at Caixa Mágica Software, the leading Portuguese Linux distribution.

He holds a degree in Computers and Telematics (2005), and a PhD in Computer Science (2012). He was a research assistant with Institute of Telecommunications (IT) of Aveiro, in Portugal, where he completed his PhD on Privacy topics. He has been involved in several EU research projects (FP6 and FP7), such IST Daidalos I&II, IST SWIFT, IST ULOOP, and is currently the Project Coordinator of ICT PROSE - Promoting Open Source in European Projects.

His research interests are focused around security, configuration and discovery topics on wireless and computer networks, and open source software driving research and production environments, with more than 20 scientific publications in his field of expertise.