ARTIST - Advanced software-based service provisioning and migration of legacy software

Focus: A software modernisation approach based on model driven engineering techniques to automate the reverse and forward engineering of legacy applications to and from platform independent models. It reduces the risk, time and cost of migrating legacy software and lowers the barriers for service companies wishing to take advantage of the latest cloud computing and Software as a Service technologies and business models.

Coordinator: Atos, Spain

Partnership: Tecnalia, Spain; INRIA, France; Fraunhofer, Germany; Technical University of Vienna, Austria; Engineering, Italy; Institute of Communication and Computer Systems, Greece; Sparx Systems, Austria; Athens Technology Center S.A., Greece; Spikes N.V, Belgium.

Impact: Reducing the risks, time and cost of migrating legacy software and lowering barriers for service companies wishing to benefit from the cloud. it will enable software vendors and users of open source software to migrate legacy software so they can benefit from a new software paradigm that improves performance, cost effectiveness and interoperability. Supporting the adaptation of legacy applications to the Future Internet so they can be offered as SaaS over the Internet.

Funding: European Commission, DG Connect, Software & Services, Cloud 7th Framework Programme, ICT-2011.1.2.

Position Paper: