Broker@Cloud – Establishing continuous quality assurance and optimisation in future enterprise cloud service brokers

Focus: Develop a framework that equips cloud service intermediaries with advanced methods and mechanisms for continuous quality assurance and optimisation of software-based cloud services. The framework will enable enterprise cloud service brokers to monitor the obligations of providers towards consumers, as well as to detect opportunities for optimising service consumption.

Coordinator: SINTEF, Norway

Partnership: CAS Software, Germany; Institute of Communication and Computer Systems, Greece; SAP, Germany; South-East European Research Centre, Greece; SingularLogic, Greece; University of Sheffield, UK

Case studies: Two different enterprise cloud service delivery platforms, CAS Open and SingularLogic Galaxy, act as pilots for the validation of the Broker@Cloud framework integration.

Impact: Broker@Cloud is expected to bring significant value to the enterprise cloud software industry and redefine roles and opportunities in this emerging sector.

Funding: European Commission, DG Connect, 7th Framework Programme - FP7 ICT Call 8.

Position Paper: