CACTOS – Context-aware cloud typology optimisation and simulation

Focus: Addressing the challenges of increased complexity and heterogeneity in cloud infrastructures from three major angles. CactoScale is a set of tools and method to acquire and analyse application behaviour and infrastructure performance data. CactoOpt are mathematical models and their implementation to determine the best fitting resources within a provider context. CactoSim is a prediction and simulation environment for diverse application workloads.

Coordinator: Ulm University, Germany

Partnership: REALTECH AG, Germany; The Queen’s University of Belfast, UK; Flexiant Ltd, UK; Umeå University, Sweden; FZI Forschungszentrum Informatik, Germany; Dublin City University, Ireland

Impact: enabling datacentre operators to deliver cloud-based applications with a minimal carbon footprint on top of current and future heterogeneous hardware. CACTOS will speed up the availability of research results by immediately integrating research concepts into prototypical versions of a commercially available cloud middleware. The overall impact will be reduced energy and CO2 footprint, as well as significantly reducing the time required to solve problems.

Funding: European Commission, DG Connect, 7th Framework Programme - FP7 ICT Call 10.

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