Clara Pezuela

ICT Work Programme 2016-2017 theme deep dive
Breakout 2: Software Engineering research
Chair: Clara Pezuela, ATOS & ARTIST

Clara Pezuela has a degree in Computer Science by the Universidad Politécnica of Madrid. She has 12 years’ experience in R&D projects development and management. Currently, she is the Head of IT Sector at Research and Innovation Group in Atos. Her main responsibilities now are the management of research projects and teams, the preparation of new research proposals and the commercialization of research assets in Atos business units.
She is skilled in open business models and innovation processes, collaborative development environments, service and software engineering. She is currently coordinating an Integrated Project in FP7-ICT-Obj1.2 (ARTIST) which is aiming at developing methods and tools for facilitating the automatic migration of legacy applications to the cloud.
She is also the President of PLANETIC, the Spanish technology platform for the adoption and dissemination of Information Technologies in Spain, with a special working group in Software and Services. Her current research interests are modernization of software towards cloud, improvement of software development processes and methods and fostering of open source development.