CloudScale – Scalability Management for Cloud Computing

Focus: Facilitating service providers in analysing, predicting and resolving scalability challenges by supporting scalable service engineering. CloudScale extends existing and develops new solutions that support the handling of scalability problems of software-based services.

Coordinator: SINTEF, Norway

Partnership: SAP, Germany; Erisson Nikola Tesla, Croatia; XLAB, Slovenia; University of Paderborn, Germany

Impact: Improving scalability of a system deployed in clouds to ensure satisfied users even during peak load. Improving scalability management for developers of software services by pinpointing which parts of the system most require ‘gold plating’. Facilitating system architects to understand and predict the scalability of services resulting from compositions. Enabling service providers to make timely decisions about the purchase or deployment of hardware to prevent scalability bottlenecks.

Funding: European Commission, DG CNECT, Software & Services, Cloud, 7th Framework Programme, FP7-ICT Call 8.

Position Paper: