CloudWATCH: Identifying location within the cloud ecosystem

A central mission of CloudWATCH is to help build consistency and trust in cloud computing. In support of this mission CloudWATCH is developing a set of common standards profiles around the federation of cloud services based on a portfolio of European and international use cases covering technical, policy and legal requirements. These profiles clarify how a standard should be interpreted and implemented based on a specific use case. The documented profiles can be easily adopted, thus driving the Cloud market into a state of commodity and utility.
The process of deriving common standards profiles is helped and informed by a detailed knowledge of the cloud computing landscape, and of how different cloud computing projects form natural clusters based on their common relationship to the defining features of cloud services. This aspect of project clustering proves more helpful than the rather more obvious relationships based on common goals, aspirations and target audiences, which more often form the basis for project collaborations, or indeed the basis for identifying close competitors.
In this report we present in detail a cluster analysis of European cloud computing projects using the NIST model of defining characteristics and we show how this analysis of the landscape of cloud computing provides insights into the process of developing standards profiles. This modelling of the landscape will also form the basis for ongoing collaborations with other standards development inititives such as IEEE P2301 - Guide for cloud interoperability and portability profiles