Concertation Meetings

CloudWATCH & CloudWATCH2 have transformed Concertation meetings into dynamic and engaging events co-located with the Net Futures Conference and Exhibition.

The meetings target projects under the European Commission’s DG Connect, Unit E2 Software, Services and Cloud Computing. With almost 400 participants attending the last 4 meetings, they have been key in:

  • Publishing Technology Round-up and Market Readiness Reports following the meetings
  • Shaping Work Programmes for the European Commission through recommendations reports
  • Facilitating clustering between projects on technical themes and establishing 4 clusters of cloud projects 
  • Encouraging cross-unit collaboration and re-use and further development of existing software
  • Publishing a catalogue of 81 cloud and software service offers and 75 position papers from projects
  • Guiding projects in exploitation and sustainability activities including business modelling exercises
  • Providing outreach and dissemination opportunities through networking cocktails and demo sessions

Download reports, presentations and position papers from the last four Concertation meetings.


Concertation June 2017

New cloud services and software for the Digital Single Market. Net Futures 2017 conference 28 June 2017 - Brussels.

Presentations | Service offers | Recomendations report


Concertation April 2016

Clusters, collaboration and creating impact in the cloud services market. Net Futures 2016 conference 20 April 2016 - Brussels.


Concertation March 2015

Turning cloud research into innovative software & services - Net Futures 2015 conference. 25 March 2015 – Brussels.


Concertation September 2014

Software Services & Cloud Computing. September 2014 – Brussels.


Concertation March 2014

Software & Services, Cloud Computing | Towards an interoperable European Ecosystem of services. March 2014 – Brussels.