GENiC – Globally optimised ENergy effIcient data Centres

Elizabeth Massey
United Technologies Research Centre
Topics recommended for the 2016-2017 Work Programme: 

GENiC – Globally optimised ENergy effIcient data Centres  is a framework 7 program under the objective ICT-2013.6.2 Data Centres in an energy-efficient and environmentally friendly Internet.
Topics recommended for the 2016-2017 Work Programme:

  • Data security compliance and data mobility on the cloud with respect to customer requirements (SLAs) and energy usage in optimized DC’s.
  • Energy optimized orchestration and workload provisioning in the cloud.
  • Sensor (HW & SW) based prediction algorithms used for load prediction and cloud energy optimization.
Projects major results: 

GENIC's main results so far are as follows:

  • Cloud based energy optimization services in geographically dispersed DCs. Genic will focus around finding the right balance between energy consumption at CSP (Cloud Service Provider) level while maintaining SLAs from customer workloads perspective.
  • Highest available uptime. GENiC addresses the ’99.99% uptime’ cost problem from an energy consumption perspective while minimizing impact on user SLAs.
  • Holistic DC management platform.  GENiC will develop a management platform with open interfaces and a common data format to provide control and optimization functions and decision support tools to balance IT workload, power supply capacity and thermal cooling needs with energy consumption reduction requirements and customer SLAs.
Potential exploitation strategy: 

Results from the GENiC project will provide opportunities to expand portfolios for industry and stakeholders alike.  The main benefit to the data center sector will be achieved through the key technologies and services enabling integrated data center-wide energy management providing business growth opportunities for the different value chain stakeholder including HVAC, IT and energy systems manufacturers.

An update since the last Concertation meeting (March 2014):