OCEAN Project: Mapping the Open Cloud Collaborative R&D Projects Landscape

Olivier Bouzereau
Topics recommended for the 2016-2017 Work Programme: 

The following topics were proposed by the community at the organized by OCEAN workshops:

  1. Support for energy efficient and green Cloud-based IT
  2. Methods for cloud cost assessment
  3. Service description, comparability, metrics, and validation of service levels
  4. Big data and Cloud.
  5. Internet of Things and Cloud
  6. Security and data protection.
  7. High availability / fault tolerance for Cloud systems
  8. Interoperability to prevent data/functional/management lock-ins
  9. Open Source Software governance
Projects major results: 

The OCEAN Open Cloud Directory (www.ocdirectory.org) provides an online catalogue of active and recently completed Open Cloud research projects and their results.

Potential exploitation strategy: 

The OCEAN consortium will continue to develop the Open Cloud Directory as a centre of knowledge about collaborative R&D cloud projects and their FLOSS outcomes.

An update since the last Concertation meeting (March 2014): 

With 137 cloud assets registered within 70 projects, the OCEAN Open Cloud Directory is still growing. The OCEAN team is working in collaboration with other projects to position their results in the OCEAN Cloud Interoperability Framework.