OPENi: Open-Source, Web-Based, Framework for Integrating Applications with Cloud-based Services and Personal Cloudlets

Sinead Quealy
Topics recommended for the 2016-2017 Work Programme: 

Our OPENi consortium partners are continuing to explore data and privacy in all its guises. Recognising the data generated, gathered and stored within city spaces, we have representatives on the Smart Cities Stakeholder Platform. This EU networking initiative will enable us to identify problems to which we can provide a data and privacy solution.

Projects major results: 

In the last year, the Telecommunications Software & Systems Group (TSSG) has successfully secured both national funding and industry investment in two follow up projects based on the OPENi platform and ethos of enabling users control of their data. In the research and development space, our follow on project is working to develop a cloud based solution with a seamless user interface to enable individuals to unobtrusively store, control and realise the benefit from their personal data. It will be a personal data locker in the cloud (cloudlet), with a user interface that allows users to customise their preferences selecting what data they share and with whom they share the selected information. Building brokerage technology, it will collect and organise data in a highly structured multi-dimensional format according to user permissions and market it as dynamically composed packages according to enterprise needs. The project’s core value proposition is the creation of a virtual marketplace that facilitates the trade of Volunteered Personal Information (VPI) and involves consumers as data producers and beneficiaries in that transaction.

Potential exploitation strategy: 

To continue to demonstrate, through commercial and scientific research methods, the advantages for society of citizen centric data control and use. In parallel to exploring wider applications, we are working hard to apply, in commercial enterprise settings, applications based on our original OPENi platform. In one enterprise application, the core technology being developed is a telematics personalisation and management platform for consumers, which allows users (drivers in this particular case) to have instant access to their driving performance profile in an easy to use mobile webapp. The webapp will be supported by cutting edge data analytics software deployed on a backend platform – which can be used to provide data to consumers and stakeholders such as insurance companies alike.

An update since the last Concertation meeting (March 2014): 

The OPENi team created a whitepaper on our project's aims, objectives and influences. It can be found at:
H2020 participation - with contacts met and nurtured through CloudWatch Hub March 2014, we submitted a proposal in H2020 ICT 7. One of the use cases of the proposal aims to apply data interoperability to local authorities for improved and targeted provision of services in the community.