OSSMETER: Automated Measurement and Analysis of Open Source Software

Dimitris Kolovos
University of York
Topics recommended for the 2016-2017 Work Programme: 

Analysis of social aspects of open-source software development: Understand the routes through which developers and users interact with open source projects. Investigate mechanisms through which users of open source software can be encouraged to engage with the developers of open-source software (often, developers of open-source software receive very little feedback about successful use of their software in industrial applications).
Domain-specific open-source software analytics: Through our interaction with a wide range of open source projects in OSSMETER, we have identified that software targeting particular application domains can benefit from diverse types of analysis (e.g. responsiveness of OSS projects to changes in related standards is essential for some domains and of little importance for others).

Projects major results: 

The OSSMETER consortium has designed and implemented a modular and scalable platform for multi-aspect analysis and measurement of open-source software projects. The OSSMETER platform can analyse source code, bug reports, newsgroup and forum threads, stored in a variety of technical infrastructures (e.g. Subversion, Git, NNTP, Bugzilla) and enables users to discover and compare different open-source projects using a wide range of criteria using intuitive visual metaphors such as bar charts, radar charts and timelines.

Potential exploitation strategy: 

The results from the OSSMETER project will be made available as open source and substantial actions for dissemination will create awareness of the new and more comprehensive capabilities to analyse open source technologies including the evolution and level of activities amongst the contributing and participating communities that surround an open source technology. The project partners anticipate that a combination of public (not-for-profit) services will be established that exploit the OSSMETER analysis platform both by project partners and third parties, as well as commercial services providers that may potentially focus on specific open source communities such as Eclipse, or vertical market segments such as Aerospace.
In addition to making the project results available in open source, the partners will also publish specifications and propose new or revised standards that to allow others to develop interoperable value-adding components on top of the OSSMETER platform and to provide a consistent set of measures and analysis methods that ensures results from different instantiations can be compared and relied upon by European software developers.

An update since the last Concertation meeting (March 2014): 

Since the last concertation meeting, the OSSMETER partners have fully developed the backend and frontend of the OSSMETER platform and plan to deliver it to the use-case providers for evaluation at the end of September 2014.