PROSE: Promoting Open Source in European Projects

Alfredo Matos
Caixa Mágica Software
Topics recommended for the 2016-2017 Work Programme: 

We believe that Free/Libre and Open Source Software (FLOSS) is and will be one of the primary vehicles to convey (re)usable project results, and a key driver for R&D activities. Therefore, exploitation of project results through open source projects is key. With the right infrastructure and methodology, it is possible to increase the value and sustainability of results stemming from R&D projects as open source software. Building on the necessary infrastructure, software and project metrics will be the main driver for innovation, ensuring measurable results and contributions that promote software sustainability. Pragmatic and tangible success metrics create the robust framework upon which to evaluate and promote project outcomes going into H2020. These two key vectors can only occur through distributed and collaborative cloud solutions that can create synergies across projects. Reusing, sharing and building upon the same tools will allow easier collaboration, and increase the effectiveness of the distributed R&D funds.

Projects major results: 

The major project results that directly contributed to the promotion of open source software focus on methodology and training, through deliverables, webinars and dissemination, all brought together under a common platform: Open Source Projects EU (OSP) (
Over the last few months PROSE continuously worked to promote the OSP platform, which is one of the highlights coming from the PROSE CA. To achieve this, PROSE participated and organised several events, as means to disseminate and promote OSP, but also to raise the awareness around the value of FLOSS as a key innovation drive. To complement the Open Source Projects EU platform, we continued to expand and grow on the already existing achievements, by integrating meaningful metrics for hosted projects, which can be used to track progress and visibility, as well as the integration of FLOSS procurement methodologies and tools, that allow projects to undergo self-evaluation as means towards better understand the potential commercial impact of their FLOSS results and contributions. These results are all being integrated into, which is also being worked on for increase reliability and usability.

Potential exploitation strategy: 

The most important factor for the longevity of the PROSE results focus on the adoption of the Open Source Projects platform as a key collaboration tool going into the new research cycles. This can be achieved through the sustainability models that are being proposed inside the project, which include but are not limited to the creation of foundation or entity to continue the drive of the open source projects platform, or a support action that can build upon and grow the important results achieved in the PROSE coordination action.

An update since the last Concertation meeting (March 2014): 

Since the last concertation meeting PROSE has been participating and organising events towards the promoting of Open Source, such as the PROSE Webinars on FLOSS, Solutions Linux, or the upcoming LinuxCon Europe. On the Open Source Projects platform, PROSE has been steadily growing the platform's adoption, and providing more tools that can directly create value. Over the past year, PROSE focused on providing meaningful metrics for hosted projects, so they can track their own progress and visibility, as well as the integration of FLOSS procurement methodologies and tools, so that project can undergo self-evaluation to understand the future direction of their contributions. These achievements strengthen the PROSE position towards promoting open source software, and provide a clear indication of the value that FLOSS can have for future iterations and Work Programmes.