STORM CLOUDS: Surfing Towards the Opportunity of Real Migration to cloud-based public services

Agustin González-Quel
Ariadna SI
Topics recommended for the 2016-2017 Work Programme: 

There are two issues, somehow related - Privacy of data and security - Balance between a private cloud that I could use for my personal work, record, data, etc. and the information/applications from this cloud that I want to share with a public cloud. For instance, some of my files may be shared with the Taxes system of my country for tax payment, while some other will be shared with my hospital, etc.

Projects major results: 

For the time being we are involved in the selection of public services for the 1st cycle of migration of these services to the cloud. So far, we have a list of criteria as an intermediate result, as well as the migration guidelines being prepared by the cloud providers.

Potential exploitation strategy: 

When the guidelines and experience are well settled down, these will be easily transferred as commercial project to Public Administration bodies.

An update since the last Concertation meeting (March 2014): 

The four cities involved in the project (AGUEDA, MANCHESTER, VALLADOLID, THESALONIKI) have prepared a list of services that can be transferred to the cloud. An open innovation process started with the selection of stakeholders and the priorisation of which services are to have priority in the process. In parallel, the cloud is being prepared and the technical partners also expressed their views on which services can be moved more efficiently to the cloud.