HTML5 for Apps: Closing the gaps

Focus: Closing the gap between native “apps” and HTML5 “apps” through standardisation. HTML5 is platform and device agnostic, making it easy to move apps from one platform to another, for example, mobile to tablet to connected TV to connected car.

Coordinator: W3C Europe GEIE ERCIM with an industry consortium of over 380 members from research and enterprise, directed by Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the Web.

Impact: Freeing developers from the constraints of native app stores and making it easier for consumers to run an app on any device. HTML5 app developers will be able to choose any app store that supports HTLM5 apps, or even distribute the app without going through a store by just making it available on the web. HTML5 apps will also be able to avoid revenue sharing with today’s native app stores. This will increase the ability to design and deliver innovative services for SMEs and individual researchers/developers.

Funding: European Commission, DG CNECT, Software & Services, Cloud, 7th Framework Programme, FP7-ICT Call 10.

Position Paper: