The iKaaS webinar: "An EU – Japan collaborative project on Intelligent Knowledge-as-a-Service"

Event Date: 
Tuesday, 9 May, 2017 - 10:00


On the 9 May, from 10 to 11 AM CEST, the iKaaS project webinar will show EU and Japanese companies and organisations how to generate and manage knowledge in multi-cloud environments.

Nowadays, the pervasiveness of IoT devices creates a wealth of information that when manipulated appropriately can reveal knowledge and insights of unprecedented value. The iKaaS project has been working to address the involved challenges and pave the way for trouble-free multi-cloud based services, especially for services and data hosted and executed across borders including EU and Japan. Stylianos Georgoulas, the Project Manager of the iKaaS project, will explain what you can obtain  from iKaaS to augment your business portfolio, as well as how to effectively manage knowledge in these multi-cloud environments. Shinsaku Kiyomoto, Japanese Coordinator of the iKaaS project, will be a speaker as well.

The webinar is targeted at EU and Japanese companies and organisations seeking to learn about iKaaS and reuse the results of the project; many of which will be provided as open software.

In just 40 minutes, the webinar will reveal :

  • The key challenges in “IoT+Big Data+Cloud”;
  • How these can be overcome to unleash the full power of this combination;
  • How iKaaS can empower Smart City applications;
  • The  cross-border issues that can arise and how they can be tackled;
  • What you can get out from iKaaS to augment your business portfolio.


Registration deadline: 08/05/2017

Visit the webinar page to make your registration

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