OCEAN - Open Cloud for Europe and Japan

Focus: Playing a pivotal role among collaborative cloud research initiatives, especially initiatives based on open source approaches. OCEAN will help identify commonalities between projects, whether potential overlays or prospects for cross-project collaboration and synergies. It will foster collaboration on cloud computing between European and Japanese organisations.

Coordinator: Fraunhofer, Germany

Partnership: OW2 Consortium, France; Engineering, Italy; Information-Technology Agency, Japan

Impact: Paving the way for the development of a business ecosystem centred on interoperable open clouds. Facilitating mainstream adoption of open cloud by fostering improvements in the overall quality and trustworthiness of open cloud project components. Promoting automated functional and compliance tests for a quality certification of cloud software and adoption across public and private sectors.

Funding: European Commission, DG Connect, Software & Services, Cloud, 7th Framework Programme, FP7-ICT Call 8.

Position Paper: http://www.cloudwatchhub.eu/concertation-position-papers/ocean-project-mapping-open-cloud-collaborative-rd-projects-landscape

Website: www.ocean-project.eu