CloudWATCH Reports

CloudWATCH2: Cloud Interoperability Plugfests Outcome Report

This deliverable accounts for the results and impact of Cloud Interoperability Plugfests conducted under the auspices of the CloudWATCH2 project. Based on the results of the plugfests, the report outlines a series of considerations and actions regarding the future of plugfests.

CloudWATCH2: Preliminary Roadmap to a Cloud Market Structure Encouraging Pricing Transparency

The focus of this Preliminary Version is to highlight systemic risks developing in the Infrastructure as a Service market that are noteworthy to stakeholders seeking to shape policies for a fair, transparent and resilient cloud market. This document outlines how the cloud computing market is structured, why it is essential for Europe and the types of activities necessary to create a complete market. This is a Preliminary Version that recommends 3 key actions the market must adopt to remain on the right path.

CloudWATCH2: Legal recommendations on EU cloud computing services

Cloud computing technologies and services have evolved as fast as they have spread amongst client organisations. However, contracts regulating the provision of cloud computing services have not evolved at the same pace. The contracts are often offered by cloud providers in a standard and non-negotiable form, which may make it difficult for clients, whether they are private companies or public authorities, and which typically cover the role of data controllers under EU law, to discharge their duties towards data subjects and local or supranational Data Protection Authorities.

CloudWATCH2 - Mapping of EU cloud services, solutions technological readiness

This document introduces an innovative concept, “Market Readiness Levels”, as a complementary methodology to “Technology Readiness Levels” as instruments for project preparation and project review. Initially targeting EC-funded projects (under H2020) it is designed to be used in commercial contexts as well.

CloudWATCH2: Technology Round-up and Market Readiness Report

This document gives an overview of the results emerging from the first CloudWATCH2 Concertation meeting held 20 April 2016 within Net Futures 2016 on “Clusters, collaboration and creating impact in the market”.

The document highlights the main outcomes of the event including topics recommended by the four EC thematic clusters for the Horizon 2020 ICT Work Programme 2018 – 2020. The event also examined how projects can better prepare and plan exploitation activities and the importance of dissemination and outreach to target stakeholders. 


CloudWATCH2: Risk-Based Decision Making Mechanisms For Cloud Service In The Public Sector

This is the initial version of an incremental deliverable documenting the overall process adopted by CloudWatch2 to develop risk profiles for (prospective) cloud service customers from Public Administrations. Besides the actual process, this deliverable also presents the results of desktop research, which will be used to develop specific risk profiles in the second and final iteration of this document (D3.5).

CloudWATCH2_Structure and aspired outcomes of Cloud Interoperability Plugfests

CloudWATCH2 will deliver three Cloud Interoperability Plugfests during its lifetime. These are events, where technology providers can mutually test their implementations of standardised specifications for conformance and interoperability, sometimes under closed conditions supported by NDAs on results.

CloudWATCH2: Preliminary Roadmap to a Cloud Market Structure Encouraging Pricing Transparency

A stable and transparent cloud market is essential if uptake of cloud services is to blossom. End consumers, potentially hundreds of millions of Europeans that access services over the Internet, indirectly benefit from a stable and resilient market.

CloudWATCH2: Communication Strategy & Plan

The purpose of this document is to define the focused actions that the project will undertake to ensure active engagement with CloudWATCH target audiences. The document outlines the objectives to achieve this and the stakeholder groups that the project will be targeting.

CloudWATCH: Assessment of Cloud Profile interoperability testing

This document reports on actions CloudWATCH has taken around cloud standards development and certification. It describes the six cloud standards profile workshops organised by CloudWATCH as well as details on the cloud standards profile developed by the project. These workshops relate to the CloudWATCH portfolio of European and international use cases to identify common requirements from a security and interoperability perspective. We have used these to develop and test a set of common standards profiles around federated cloud services.