RISCOSS – Managing risks and costs in open source software adoption

Focus: Offering novel risk identification, management and mitigation tools and methods for community-based and industry-supported open source software development, composition and life cycle management to individually, collectively manage open source software risks.

Coordinator: Catalunya University of Technology

Partnership: Ericsson Telecommunicazioni, Italy; Fondazione Bruno Kessler, Italy; Maastricht University, Netherlands; National Centre for ICT, Spain; XWiki SAS, France; OW2 Consortium, France; KPA Ltd, Israel

Use cases: OSS risk management programme in a large IT department. Risk assessment in public administration OSS projects. Software Qualtìity Assurance and Trustworthiness (SQuAT) programme in a large OSS community. Assessing development practices of an OSS tool in an SME. Evolution of the Moodbile.org platform undertaken in a small OSS community.

Impact: Organisational impact will be a clear definition of roles, tasks, documents etc. that are applied in business models and business processes around OSS-based development and distribution. Methodological impact will be a definition of guidelines, methods and strategies to manage the risks and leverage the costs in OSS adoption. Technological impact will be the deployment of a platform to enable information flow from OSS communities to a company ecosystem and then further to support the management of this ecosystem with the OSS components therein.

Funding: European Commission, DG CNECT, Software & Services, Cloud, 7th Framework Programme, FP7-ICT Call 8.

Position Paper: http://www.cloudwatchhub.eu/concertation-position-papers/riscoss-risks-and-costs-open-source-software-adoption

Website: www.riscoss.eu