DITAS – Data-Intensive Applications Improvement by Moving Data and Computation in Mixed Cloud/Fog Environments

Project start: 
Sunday, 1 January, 2017
Project end: 
Tuesday, 31 December, 2019
Project Website: 

The value of DITAS is simple, yet powerful. DITAS will not create yet one more cloud, or IoT platform. Instead, we focus on providing real world tools targeted to simplify the life of developers. It brings to your developer toolbox the best of Cloud & Edge worlds.

Our team is focused on creating a solution for proper data management that empowers the creation of modern and decentralized data-driven applications in the post-mobile world (Cloud and Edge/Fog) delivering an Open Source SDK and a framework with tools that offer a transparent layer that takes care of all the complexity behind data management and consumption in heavily decentralized scenarios abstracting developers from details of underlying heterogeneity as well.

DITAS Cloud Platform allows developers to design data-intensive applications, deploy them on a mixed cloud/edge environment and execute the resulting distributed application in an optimal way by exploiting the data and computation movement strategies, no matter the number of different devices, their type and the heterogeneity of runtime environments.

The need of developing data intensive applications able to manage more and more data coming from distributed and heterogeneous sources effectively, quickly, correctly, and securely is increasing, and cloud computing paradigm – as it is now adopted – is not fully appropriate to store and analyse such data. Indeed, although scalability and reliability are properties that make cloud-based storage favourable, latency, security, and compliance are hampering the adoption of this type of data-centre centric approach. At the same time, Fog Computing has emerged as a paradigm promising to fully exploit the potential of the edge of the network involving traditional devices as well as new generation of smart devices, which can process data closer to where they are produced and/or consumed but which cannot ensure the same reliability and scalability as cloud offers.

In this scenario, developers are more and more interested in developing data-intensive applications, but managing data scattered on a heterogeneous and distributed environment needs to deal with the intricacies of the underlying complex infrastructure composed by smart devices, sensors, as well as traditional computing nodes. Conversely, developers must be focused on defining, which are the relevant data, their format and quality, and how to process them, without dealing with details such as how to gather data, where to store or process them.

Who is the service/solution designed for?: 

DITAS project is targeting two kinds of profiles:

  • Application developers that need to deploy its application in a Fog environment: Cloud+Edge and want to access data sources in the application in the same way independently if they are in the Edge or Cloud leaving DITAS to worry about moving the data between both environments

<>-Data providers that want to give access to its data in Cloud and Edge environments via a common API so it can be accessed by any application using the DITAS platform (Data provider and application developer could be the same entity).

How will your solution/service benefit the end-user? 

We focus on providing real world tools targeted to simplify the life of developers of post-mobile world applications who don’t want to deal with data management details but require dealing with data in an effective, fast, agile, and secure manner.

The adoption of a hybrid strategy, mixing cloud/fog environments to store and process data can improve the response time, the resilience, the connectivity also ensuring the security while reducing the latency.

DITAS project goes in this direction by proposing a novel approach for developing data-intensive applications based Data Profiling tools and Virtual Data Containers (VDC), which let the developers simply define the requirements on the needed data, expressed as data utility, and take the responsibility of providing these data timely, securely, and accurate by hiding the complex underlying infrastructure composed by different platforms, storage systems, and network capabilities.

How can the solution/service help you become more efficient, more secure, faster or cost-effective?: 

For the two profiles previously defined:

  • For the application developer, in this case data user, it allows then to develop their application using the DITAS SDK. In this way they can develop the same logic to access data both in the Edge and the Cloud in the same way. They could define a data model about the data its parameters: latency, quality, etc. and the DITAS platform will take care to accommodate the data access by moving the data from Edge to Cloud and vice versa transparently.

  • For the data provider, that it could be the same entity as the application developer/owner, it allows then to provide data sources to users in both at Edge and Cloud environments, via the definition of DITAS Virtual Data Containers. Offering data in this common API will facilitate the adoption of those data sources by third parties or, if the data provider is the same user as the application developer, it will facilitate the building of applications that access their own data.

At the end, DITAS it is facilitating all the aspects of the data logistics in Fog environments or just pure Edge or Cloud environments (including Cloud or Edge federation).