MELODIC: Multi-cloud Execution-ware for Large-scale Optimized Data-Intensive Computing

Project start: 
Thursday, 1 December, 2016
Project end: 
Saturday, 30 November, 2019
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To profit from the value of available data entails running applications that process potentially large data sets, which may require significant investments in both storage and computing capabilities. Alternatively, the application can use rented infrastructures in the Cloud, although it requires mastering the offerings of one or multiple Cloud providers and increases the complexity of maintaining the running application over time. In particular if the application needs to react to external events resulting in temporary needs for more computationally expensive analysis of the data.

Not all data can be stored in with third parties in the Cloud. There are legal constraints on personal data and consumers’ privacy concerns, and there is the commercial data. In addition, many providers charge if data is transferred in and out of their own Cloud than within their own infrastructure. Hence, it is a complex puzzle to find the right location for the data with sufficient computing power.

The above obstacles may prevent many companies from profiting from the value of their data or develop new businesses on commercially available or open data. In particular, it may make it difficult for Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs) to compete in the data driven economy.

Who is the service/solution designed for?: 

Melodic is the Devop for anyone who wants to benefit from the capabilities and the scalability of Cloud application execution without hassle, and at the same time be confident that the application’s data location respect the necessary privacy requirements and that the data can only be accessed by those authorised. Melodic therefore supports a mix of private and public Cloud platforms, and execute jobs where the data is located. At the same time, the application will stay responsive and start or scale jobs as specified by the deployment goals of the application’s owning organisation.

How will your solution/service benefit the end-user? 

Melodic is a solution for autonomic and secure cross Cloud deployment, monitoring, and context adaptation of big data applications requiring frameworks like Apache Hadoop or Spark by constantly watching the execution, and ensuring an optimised mapping of the application's data sets and processing jobs according to your goals and requirements.

How can the solution/service help you become more efficient, more secure, faster or cost-effective?: 

Melodic is a tool that supports automated deployment of both data and application jobs processing the data based on the constraints set by the organisation owning the data and the application. It overcomes the difficult placement decision, it monitors the running application to ensure that it stays with the set constraints, and automatically adapts the application aiming to maximise the application’s utility for the owning organisation in the current execution context. Hence, Melodic is a DevOp robot that continuously tries to maximise the business value of the data.

Melodic provides a level playing field where big companies, SMEs, and academia alike can all benefit from the cost reduction of the commercial Cloud offerings, and scale their computations when needed. If you can conceive and develop an application that extracts value from data, then Melodic will take care of running your application!