COMPOSE - Collaborative Open Market to Place Objects at your SErvice

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COMPOSE has addressed the complex challenges of developing an IoT application. COMPOSE is a complete ecosystem for developers, covering all the different stages of the application development lifecycle, from design time through to deployment and run-time within a secure cloud environment.

Developers only need to understand the domain of his or her intended application without worrying about the entire complex HW / SW stack required to properly run the IoT application. COMPOSE makes it easy to create an IoT application, helping unleash the huge full potential of this growing market. COMPOSE especially opens the door to small and medium-sized players in this field.

COMPOSE gives developers a user-friendly portal supporting all interactions with the platform. The platform offers connectivity to IoT devices along with advanced data management capabilities, including real-time data processing capabilities. Thanks to COMPOSE, developers no longer have to start from scratch. Developers now have at their fingertips discovery capabilities to locate relevant building blocks within the platform and use them to create a new application. The designed application is automatically deployed to a secure cloud environment - all at the click of a button.

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COMPOSE is an open marketplace for developing, deploying and maintaining IoT applications in a secure, cloud-based platform.

COMPOSE is mostly for IoT application developers.

COMPOSE is built around the needs of IoT application developers so they can build their dream application quickly and easily. 
Developers do not need a deep understanding of the technologies behind this secure, cloud-based platform. They can simply focus on the business logic behind their novel application because COMPOSE makes it easy to publish, share and integrate data from Internet-connected objects and create smart services and applications.
COMPOSE also helps object manufacturers, providers and end users innovate in the IoT marketplace. Developers working for city councils can rapidly get or create new applications for their citizens. 
COMPOSE has a strong impact on a developing market by lowering barriers to developing, selecting, combining, and using IoT-based standardised value added services. It is a complete ecosystem open to businesses, large and small, government agencies, and individual developers.
Signing up to the COMPOSE Developer's Portal gives you access to documentation, tutorials and easy-to-use visual-based development tools: IDE, SDK and GUI.