OPENi - Open-Source, Web-Based, Framework for Integrating Applications with Cloud-based Services and Personal Cloudlets

What user need or pain point is your project addressing?

OPENi addresses the issue of user personal data privacy, allowing users to decide which aspects of their personal data they are prepared to share by giving them the option of fine grained authorisation and access control. Through the OPENi platform we are aiming to alter the dynamics of user control over their personal data. We are addressing the lack of interoperability between cloud based services and enabling applications to access and use a broad spectrum of existing cloud based functionality and content, consistently across different devices and platforms we are enabling a more user-centric application experience. The platform will incorporate an open framework that will be capable of interoperating with any cloud-based service, abstracting the integration challenges to a single open standard without losing any service features.


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How will your solution/service benefit the end-user?

The operation of the personal information economy is one which is coming under increasing public scrutiny and regulation. As digital services become increasingly personalised and embedded in our everyday lives, the importance of effectively managing our digital identities becomes more apparent. At present the balance of power favours the service providers and application developers; yet systems which offer user control over where, how and with whom their personal information is shared will ultimately tip the scales towards the user. Our platform enables fine grained sharing, federated user identity, and greater control over personal information OPENi is all about empowering the user to manage and control their digital identity.