OSSMETER - Automated Measurement and Analysis of Open Source Software

What user need or pain point is your project addressing?

OSSMETER targets 4 types of users:

  1. Developers and Project Managers who are responsible for deciding which of the vast and overlapping open source technologies publicly available should be adopted for internal use or for inclusion in new products or delivering new services;
  2. Developers of publicly available open source software technologies;
  3. Quality managers within software development organisations;
  4. Sponsor organisations and supporters of projects that produce open source software technologies.

OSSMETER addresses the following pain points

  1. Huge number of open source software technologies available over the web from general purpose forges (e.g. SourceForge), to focused forges (Eclipse.org) there are often many choices when trying to decide which open source technology should be adopted.
  2. Adopting open source software is an investment and commitment with respect to new products or internal tools so understanding which open source alternative has the best quality is key factor in decision making.
  3. Quality of code is critical, but equally important for open source technologies is understanding the quality of the surrounding communities where contributions to the evolution of the open source technologies, the level of activity in the forums and message boards, and responsiveness of the development teams to fixing responding issues or responding to queries play an important part in deciding which technologies to adopt.

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How will your solution/service benefit the end-user?

OSSMETER provides a platform and over 200 independent and reliable metrics for evaluating open source technologies. It measures both the quality of the code and the quality and level of activity of the surrounding support communities.

OSSMETER enables the comparison of different open source technologies both as they stand today and also their history and evolution. It can be used for evaluating and monitoring publicly available open source technologies or downloaded and used as a powerful and customisable toolset for managing and monitoring the quality of in-house developed software and support services.

OSSMETER provides on-going monitoring of the quality of open source projects and gives immediate warnings if open source technologies already adopted for use in products or services experience changes in code quality, number of issues reported or drop in the level of support occurs.

OSSMETER uses advanced natural language processing to extract the sentiment of those interacting within the community surrounding an open source project including the manner in which issues are addressed and the overall perceptions of those already using an open source technology. In addition it provides special features to aggregate metrics into meaningful summaries that give an immediate view of key open source quality aspects.