PROWESS - Property-based testing for web services

What user need or pain point is your project addressing?

Prowess is addressing the need for effective and efficient testing automation techniques and tools focusing, in particular, on web services-based systems and cloud computing. The possibilities associated with cloud computing provide instant scalability, flexibility and availability for testing on demand with no upfront investment. This provides the industry with a perfect opportunity to utilise powerful high volume automated testing solutions.

The global testing cloud marketplace will allow for the joint collaboration of leading test specialists following industry best practice. This enables firms of all sizes to access the latest test approaches and methodologies whilst providing a unified platform for domain experts to represent business processes and user story acceptance criteria in natural language with content sensitive business validation. Within PROWESS we aim to reach out to web developers that do use Erlang for their backend, as well as web developers unaware of Erlang.

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How will your solution/service benefit the end-user?

The Quivq tool QuickCheck is a market leader in the area of automated testing. PROWESS will deliver an integrated set of tools and methods that contribute to the overall goal of strengthen the QuickCheck ecosystem to effectively test internet services. Within the project, testing is seen as a service.

This service includes creating models, wrapping these models in a simple interface and training people to use this dedicated version of QuickCheck for testing. One goal is to use the results of this project to offer such services for web developers; most probably as a web service in itself.