U-QASAR - Universal Quality Assurance & Control Services for Internet Applications with Volatile Requirements and Contexts

What user need or pain point is your project addressing?

U-QASAR is addressing the need of obtaining an objective measurement of quality for software (SW) development processes and their resulting products. It is targeting all actors involved in the SW quality process, like CEOs, CTOs, software project managers, quality managers or different categories of software engineers.

Those actors have many different perspectives in quality. Different levels of granularity are required so they can be on the same page. Often users don’t know what and where to look at in order to measure the quality of their SW projects and processes.

Data about SW quality of different projects in a company normally come from several distinct and heterogeneous sources (tools, outputs of the different stages of processes, documents) and it is a hard work to compile that huge amount of information and put it together in a document report for managers, decision makers, etc. In many cases the end-users end up having to do it manually.

It is also demanding to follow-up quality during the whole SW lifecycle and to identify areas where actions are needed. For example, too many bugs in the SW product or customer’ dissatisfaction etc.

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How will your solution/service benefit the end-user?

U-QASAR’s Methodology allows companies to get a shared view of SW quality so that everyone involved (CEOs, project managers, quality managers, developers, testers…) can collaboratively agree on key quality goals. The result is a commitment from everyone to reach them.

U-QASAR also allows the easy creation of quality models for the different types of projects and development paradigms (V, waterfall, RUP, Agile…). These can even be done from scratch and can be adapted to the requirements of existing quality models and standards, like CMMi or ISO 9126 (25000). It also provides patterns to facilitate this.

The platform allows the integration of diverse tools and gathers and aggreges data from them which can be presented to different stakeholders. This offers an objective overview of quality with different levels of abstraction. It is also easy to extend the tool for integrating new data sources.

Users, whether they are experts or not, can easily find out about and follow-up the overall status and quality of different project items. Analytics and reports of the whole SW development lifecycle can also be obtained. This lets CTOs make decisions based on the history data stored in the platform.

U-QASAR’s business model allows the solution being accessible to a wide range of users such as SMEs, freelancers and large companies.