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Successful and innovative smart services and solutions coming from EC-funded initiatives are the centre-piece of the showroom. With a strong emphasis now on project results reaching the market uptake, CloudWATCH2 supports project by creating a set of attractive service/solution cards showing how projects are meeting the needs of end users and encouraging the wider uptake of cloud computing and giving more choice.



Max 50 words. Please explain your projects solution’s unique selling point. What makes your solution stand out from the rest?
Max 100 words. Make it clear who you are targeting. Who can benefit from your solution? Make it clear who you want to speak to!
Max. 200 words. You’ve identified your users above, now tell them how your solution will help them. How will it change their lives? What challenges will it help them overcome?
Max. 200 words. What will be the overall impact of your solution on the end user? What can they do now that they couldn't do before and what is the short and long-term impact of this?
Please select at least one of the vertical markets that your project targets.