TQ Amsterdam - A label for growth


TQ is a curated tech space in the centre of Amsterdam (The Netherlands) that is primarily focused on growth in the technology sector. TQ hosts approximately 80 fast-growing startups, all internationally active and with potential to grow exponentially with a diverse team, which creates a great network of founders and talented individuals.



TQ helps tech startups reach exponential growth by providing them with the right talent, facilities, tools, programming, community, events, training an international network of experts and investors. TQ’s network of experts helps startups with challenges ranging from product design to CRO.

CloudWATCH is organising CloudWATCH Europe 2017 event in TQ on 20th September 2017.

Founded by The Next Web, in close cooperation with the likes of Google, Booking.com and ABN Amro, the tech hub aims to push tech startups to reach their full potential.


Everything about TQ should help startups to grow their product, team and company. If you are a startup looking to grow, TQ is the place for you.