Valère Robin

What industry needs from WP 2016-17 - A perspective from NESSI
Valère Robin, Orange Labs Product and Services

After graduating from « Ecole Polytechnique » and « Ecole Supérieure des Télécommunications de Paris », Valère Robin joined the CNET, the French national R&D center on telecommunications. He began his career working on distributed systems applied to telecommunications and since then has contributed to the convergence of information technologies and telecommunications in various fields  (intelligent networks, telematics, databases, web, middleware) at CNET, France Telecom and Orange.  Now responsible for the technical strategy on Architecture, Security and Enablers in the Service Platforms Division of the Orange Labs, he is participating to the NESSI ETP with a focus on cloud computing. He is also an early promoter of open source and as such is participating to the Orange Group’s governance on open source and is representing Orange at the board of the OW2 consortium.