ARTIST - Advanced software-based service provisioning and migration of legacy software

Focus: A software modernisation approach based on model driven engineering techniques to automate the reverse and forward engineering of legacy applications to and from platform independent models. It reduces the risk, time and cost of migrating legacy software and lowers the barriers for service companies wishing to take advantage of the latest cloud computing and Software as a Service technologies and business models.

Coordinator: Atos, Spain

ASCETIC - Adapting service life-cycle towards efficient clouds

Focus: Identifying the missing functionalities to support energy efficiency across all cloud layers. ASCETIC defines and integrates explicit measures of energy and ecological requirements into the cloud application design, development and operation process.

Coordinator: Atos, Spain

BETaaS – Building the environment for the Things as a Service

Focus: Developing a platform for the execution of machine-to-machine (M2M) applications built on top of services deployed in a “local cloud” of gateways. Scalability, security, dependability, context and resource awareness, and Quality of Service (QoS) will be embedded “by design” into the platform. Validation will be done through experiments targeting the Smart City and Home automation case studies.

Coordinator: INTECS, Italy

BIGFOOT – Big data analytics for digital footprints

Focus: Design, implement and deploy a Platform as a Service solution for processing and interacting with large volumes of data coming from ICT security, smart grid and other application areas. The BIGFOOT stack builds on and contributes to the Apache Hadoop ecosystem and the Apace OpenStack project.

Coordinator: EURECOM, France

Partnership: Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne, Switzerland; Technical University Berlin, Germany; Symantec Lab, Ireland; GridPocket SAS, France.

Broker@Cloud – Establishing continuous quality assurance and optimisation in future enterprise cloud service brokers

Focus: Develop a framework that equips cloud service intermediaries with advanced methods and mechanisms for continuous quality assurance and optimisation of software-based cloud services. The framework will enable enterprise cloud service brokers to monitor the obligations of providers towards consumers, as well as to detect opportunities for optimising service consumption.

Coordinator: SINTEF, Norway

CACTOS – Context-aware cloud typology optimisation and simulation

Focus: Addressing the challenges of increased complexity and heterogeneity in cloud infrastructures from three major angles. CactoScale is a set of tools and method to acquire and analyse application behaviour and infrastructure performance data. CactoOpt are mathematical models and their implementation to determine the best fitting resources within a provider context. CactoSim is a prediction and simulation environment for diverse application workloads.

Coordinator: Ulm University, Germany

CELAR – Cloud elasticity provisioning

Focus: Providing automatic, fine-grained resource allocation for cloud applications. This enables the commitment of just the right amount of resources based on application demand, performance and requirements, resulting in the optimal use of infrastructure and significant reductions in cost.

Coordinator: ATHENA Research and Innovation Centre in Information, Communication and Knowledge Technologies, Greece

Cloud Catalyst – Reenergise productivity, efficiency and competitiveness of European economy through cloud computing

Focus: Providing useful tools to foster the adoption of cloud computing in Europe. Cloud Catalyst will set up a cross-border advice and support service, helping to strengthen Europe’s position in the cloud computing market, including both the European business software industry and individual citizens and consumers.

Coordinator: Portugal Telecom

Partnership: Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain; Si-Mobil, Slovenia; EuroCloud, Luxembourg (headquarters); UPTEC, Portugal.

Cloud for Europe

Focus: In support of the European Cloud Partnership, enabling the public sector to implement well-defined cloud computing strategies. Supported by stakeholders from both the public and private sectors, Cloud for Europe aims to remove the obstacles to cloud adoption and provide the conditions for a digital single market for cloud computing in Europe.

Coordinator: Fraunhofer FOKUS, Germany