AppHub - The European open source market place

Today's innovation is complex, collaborative and open source. 

Technology development endeavours such as Hadoop in Big Data, OpenStack in cloud computing and Open Daylight in Software De-fined Networking are not controlled by one company, and if they have achieved high visibility and gained strong market momentum it is thanks to their open source status and collaborative approach. They have rapidly delivered significant results both in terms of technical output and market penetration. While OpenDaylight is still in the early stage of its development, several companies engaged in contribution to and support of Hadoop and OpenStack have already attracted large financial investments, thus confirming their growth potential.
Open source facilitates collaborative innovation. 
Over the last few years, these broad-scale innovations in information technology have demonstrated the efficiency of the open source collaborative development model. As the European Commission is committing large amounts of funds to support collaborative projects for research and innovation in ICT, a significant number of them choose to make their software results available under open source licenses. The reason is not ideological, it is organizational. Open source helps combine multiple technologies and know-how from independent providers. It makes multi-tier cooperation easier by enhancing trust and reducing coordination costs. It also reduces legal and economic barriers.
The open source ecosystem is structured by non-profit organizations. 
While many open source projects have developed outside the realm of these organizations or have launched their own foundation such as the LibreOffice foundation or the MariaDB foundation, today's key trend for complex collaborative projects is to seek neutral hosting environments. Open source projects are collaborative by definition and open source communities have long experience in supporting these projects. In the open source world this experience is embodied in non-profit organizations. Open source organizations are well positioned to provide collaborative projects with a neutral environment where contributors can work together independently of private interests.
AppHub delivers a new breed of support services for open source software. 
AppHub, the European Open Source Market Place, aims at providing a neutral distribution channel for trustworthy software developed by EU-supported projects and open source SMEs in general. Leveraging unparalleled expertise in open source community management, EU research projects and a cutting-edge technology in software asset management, the partners that run and promote AppHub provide innovative support services to open source projects. AppHub provides unique benefits to project leaders, it helps the market to seamlessly identify, position and implement their software. AppHub also fosters adoption of open source projects by users and integrators by making them trustworthy, easy to find, and easy to download and run. AppHub provides open source software as cloud-ready packages that can be executed by a broad range of cloud service providers.

OW2, Fraunhofer FOKUS and UShareSoft