ARTIST - Advanced software-based seRvice provisioning and migraTIon of legacy Software

Focus Area

For software companies, cloud computing offers a modern world of business opportunity, allowing them to provide their application not only as a product but as a service. Thus, they will enjoy, among other advantages, of agility and efficiency.

Migrating software to cloud infrastructure may be sufficient much of the time. But residing in the cloud is not enough to make an application fully scalable, elastic and ‘cloudy’. The software code itself must be modernized if maximum performance and efficiency are required.

Using model-driven techniques, ARTIST facilitates the modernization of your existing non-cloud software assets and your business model to the cloud. ARTIST provides a tool-supported methodological migration process consisted in three main steps:

  • perform a technical and business feasibility analysis and support in the decision making of whether it is viable to move to the cloud or not, in terms of technology and cost
  • gather the knowledge and understanding of your application to optimize it and adjust the business model so it can be deployed on the best cloud provider for your needs 
  • validate the behavioral equivalence of the migrated application and the fulfillment of the optimization requirements, and optionally certify that it is cloud-complaint
Market sector targets

The main market sectors for ARTIST are two-fold, firstly IT consultants who will adopt the tools and incorporate them into their own offerings, most likely oriented around application portfolio management. This will be the case of the larger industrial partners in the consortium. Secondly there is a market segment which will contract ARTIST-based services from these providers. These are ISVs and other owners of bespoke software systems that require modernisation to the cloud. In particular clients requiring the modernisation of several related software programs will be targeted. In some cases these end clients can perform the modernisation themselves using the tools, providing they have the necessary IT skills base.

In both sectors, the benefits for the end users are similar. On one hand, the migration encompasses less risks due to a previous feasibility analysis, and on the other, the effort for the transformation of the product is reduced thanks to the guided process and semi-automatic tools provided by ARTIST

Business models to take new services to market – including spin-outs and new services transferring publicly funded research to the private sector

Cloud computing is above all, a business model. The provision of software applications following the SaaS deployment model allow companies to address new market niches and market regions that were never explored before because of the limitations of the previous product and company’s resources.

ARTIST focuses on the modernization of application based on three pillars that in most occasions cannot be tackled independently. The business model modernization and the selected deployment model involve some architectural constraints in the application. Furthermore, for SMEs offering their applications as a service, a transformation in the organizational processes is also needed in order to support the delivery of these services.

The trend for all industries is currently the servitization, that is, deliver services or services and products instead of just products. This servitization trend impacts in a bigger offer for end users, a more competitive market, more innovation and thus, better applications for end users with innovative business models.

Why cloud is a helping hand for SMEs?

Software companies feel that cloud may bring plenty of new business opportunities to them. They perceive that migrating to the cloud may reduce the operational costs for code maintenance, for ad-hoc customizations, due to technologies obsolete and not largely supported or for the scarcity of skilled people. Additionally, they can address the changing market requirements and adapt easily to new challenges. Cloud also allows them to create future value through new market generation for their products, improved customer retention, better application performance and increasing revenue growth.

These arguments are especially relevant in the case of SMEs, since their capacity of investment in dedicated infrastructures is quite limited, although they are very flexible and adaptable to market changes, which is an added value in this changing context. ARTIST provides SMEs open source methodology and tools for supporting them in the migration to the cloud, reducing the risk and the cost of this decision by an early assessment of the migration feasibility.

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