ARTIST, A tool-supported method to cloudify applications

Cloudscape Brazil 2016 Position Paper - ARTIST, A tool-supported method to cloudify applications
ARTIST is about modernising old applications to convert them into services for the new generation of business in companies. ARTIS facilitates the migration of these modernised applications to the cloud, previously analysing the feasibility of such migration, from a technical and business perspective, and mitigating the costs and risks in the decision to move onto the cloud.
Who benefits and how
ARTIST targets two main market sectors.  Firstly, IT consultants who will adopt the tools and incorporate them into their own offerings, most likely oriented around application portfolio management. This will be the case for the larger industrial partners in the consortium. Secondly, there is a market segment which will contract ARTIST-based services from these providers. These are Independent Software Vendors and other owners of bespoke software systems that require modernisation to the cloud. In particular clients requiring the modernisation of several related software programmes will be targeted. In some cases these end clients can perform the modernisation themselves using the tools, providing they have the right IT skills set.
In both sectors, the benefits for the end users are similar. On one hand, the migration encompasses less risks due to a previous feasibility analysis. On the other, the effort for transforming the product is reduced thanks to the guided process and semi-automatic tools provided by ARTIST.
Migrating software to cloud infrastructure may be sufficient most of the time. But residing in the cloud is not enough to make an application fully scalable, elastic and ‘cloudy’. For maximum performance and efficiency, the software code itself must be modernised.

Using model-driven techniques, ARTIST facilitates the modernisation of your existing non-cloud software assets and your business model to the cloud. ARTIST provides a tool-supported methodological migration process consisted in three main steps: 

  1. Performing a technical and business feasibility analysis with support in the decision making of whether it is viable to move to the cloud or not, in terms of technology and cost.
  2. Gathering the knowledge and understanding of your application to optimise it and adjust the business model so it can be deployed on the best cloud provider for your needs.
  3. Validating the behavioural equivalence of the migrated application and the fulfilling the optimisation requirements, with the option to certify that it is cloud-complaint.
The main result of the project is a tool-supported methodology to assist software companies in the migration of their applications to the cloud. This methodology is customised to the specific migration project and consists of three main phases: feasibility analysis, migration and verification. 
In the feasibility analysis phase, ARTIST provides several tools that analyse the technical and business viability of the migration, helping in the decision of whether the migration is worthwhile or not. Then, in the migration phase, through reverse engineering, we gather the knowledge and understanding of the application. Through forward engineering, we re-factor and optimise the existing application and adjust the business model so it can be delivered on the cloud. Furthermore, we help users in selecting the best cloud provider for their needs, by profiling their applications. Finally, during the verification phase, we validate the behavioural equivalence of the migrated application and the fulfilment of the optimization requirement. On top of this, we certify that it is cloud-complaint and monitor the availability of the cloud service once the application is deployed in the cloud. 
Along the migration process, two languages have been developed: the goal modelling language (used for modelling the migration goals in the pre-migration phase and verified in the post-migration phase) and CloudML@ARTIST, which is an extension of CloudML language focused mainly on application level modelling.
The ARTIST business strategy is based on the ARTIST Club, which is a perpetual, self-financed initiative, which will generate business opportunities for its members, and reduce the costs of both the continuation of the ARTIST software assets as an Open Source project, and for the organisations commercialising them. The ARTIST club ensures that a strategic roadmap and detailed work plan are used to guide the future developments in ARTIST, also covering issues such as quality assurance, maintenance and schedule releases. 
The ARTIST club will provide a mechanism through which current and future organisations that incorporate the OS results into their offerings, and researchers investing in further developing the software assets can offer mutual technical and financial support and ensure a consistent and strategic evolution of the results. Membership is open to anyone wishing to help steer the future of ARTIST.
Author(s): Clara Pezuela (ATOS), Leire Orue-Echevarria (Tecnalia)
Twitter: @ARTISTeu
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