CloudWATCH2_Structure and aspired outcomes of Cloud Interoperability Plugfests

CloudWATCH2 will deliver three Cloud Interoperability Plugfests during its lifetime. These are events, where technology providers can mutually test their implementations of standardised specifications for conformance and interoperability, sometimes under closed conditions supported by NDAs on results.

The most prevalent and longest-running series of interoperability testing events are conducted by the Cloud Plugfest initiative, since April 2011. These plugfests are co-operative community events hence participation and frequency can vary, from between three events in 2011, up to five events in 2014, and two events in 2015.

While plugfest events were designed as face-to-face events when they started, more recent activities have seen an emerging trend of less personal attendance towards a more virtual/online presence instead, which we attribute to three prevalent factors during the past five years of plugfests: (i) Tightened travel budgets, (ii) tighter development schedules, and (iii) mainstream adoption of specifications.

Addressing these issues is important to sustain a long lasting effort in improving conformance and interoperability across implementations of any given standardised specification, and the Cloud Plugfest Initiative plays a vital role in this area, ensuring contingency of plugfests during the lifetime of the project itself, and suggesting a novel model for plugfests as one of its concrete results.

This report outlines how CloudWATCH2 proposes Virtual Plugfests as a more sustainable option or addition to physical events.