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CloudWatch2 summit - Amsterdam 20 September 2017

Cloud Market Roadmap

Cloud Service Catalogue

Tech and Market Readiness

Legal Tips

Risk Management

Cloud Standards

Final Workshop Format - FWF

Let us support you in delivering your results oriented final project event, with community, content and logistics.

Specialised Consultancy Services

Specialised content on legal aspects, risk management, cloud pricing Market and Technology Readiness Levels (MTRL).

Concertation Services

Capitalise on our consolidated community and let us help you network with likeminded projects and to maximise your visibility and improve the impact of your results..

Small Businesses

Use our tools, guides and user stories and be informed about legal, security and risk management in the cloud.

Government & Public Administrations

Easy-to-use guides and tools on procuring cloud services, managing risk, security certifications and cloud standards.


Cloud Standards Hub

Standardisation is essential for user and market confidence. CloudWATCH has developed a set of cloud standard profiles and guides to standards and security certifications, as well as organising standards plugfest events.

Cloud Research & Services

Access the EU catalogue of cloud services and see how Concertation meetings are driving clustering around cloud priorities. Find out how you too can improve exploitation activities and best plan your route to market.