Swedish rail operator upgrades mobile solution with MobiCloud

  • TKAB (Tagkompaniet) is a Swedish rail operator that has been using mobile devices since 2005. Next generation devices are an opportunity to improve its operational efficiency but TBAK faced a number of challenges in deploying the devices across its workforce.
  • MobiCloud enabled TKAB to use the cloud and build cross-platform and context capabilities, so it can now take full advantage of smartphones to increase efficiency and reduce costs.
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Swedish rail operator, TBAK, has been using mobile devices since 2005 but wanted to take full advantage of the next generation of devices. This included smartphones and tablet devices with Apple’s IOS and Google’s Android mobile operating systems. In order to achieve its business goals, TBAK had to satisfy four business requirements using the latest generation technologies. 
  • Lowering costs of implementation. A key challenge to adopting “consumer” devices was the high cost of implementing, testing and maintaining each application for each type of device. 
  • Reducing CAPEX requirements. TBAK wanted to avoid having to invest in physical equipment, and having to dedicate staff time to maintain it.
  • Improving employee communication. To enable the rapid flow of information throughout the organisation, TBAK was looking for ways to improve the communication between on-board personnel and the rest of the company. 
  • Increasing operational efficiency. The expected results at an operational level were to include increased punctuality, enhanced customer service and improved operational efficiency.
Solution provider: MobiCloud – based on the latest technology of the Appear IQ mobility suite, a mobile enterprise solution with ground-breaking elements.
  • A cloud-hosted, context-aware mobility platform. To provide integration to TBAK’s and other systems, managing applications and their distribution based on the context of the employee.
  • A unique corporate “rail app store”. This is a package of configurable apps focusing on the needs of TBAK’s rail workers and contractors. Ability to add or remove applications, and changing their distribution criteria based on the precise context of workers, pushing out relevant messages to the right employee for their specific work tasks. 
  • Applications. Modifying applications without referring to Apple or other mobile store approval processes. This gives TBAK complete and “live” control over their application lifecycle.
Source: MobiCloud (the mobile cloud infrastructure deployment programme) received funding from the European Commission under the ICT Policy Support Programme (PSP) Competitiveness and Innovation framework programme (CIP).
Links: Appear Networks. TBAK (About - in Swedish). MobiCloud.
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