What is CloudWatchHUB.eu

The CloudWatchHUB.eu is your free online tool to get more out of the cloud

It shows how public and private sectors can gain the business benefits of cloud - capacity, flexibility, agility and cost savings. The pressure to produce new features and new service capabilities faster than ever to keep up with the cloud now applies to many different types of businesses and government services. It brings with it an acceleration of the pace of business. But moving to the cloud needs to be a carefully planned journey.

What CloudWatchHUB really means

Through www.CloudWatchHUB.eu, CloudWATCH offers a pan-European cloud observatory for the EU internal market, helping build trust in cloud computing and thus increasing adoption.


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CloudWATCH drives awareness and adoption of cloud computing in Europe, supporting the European digital market. It provides independent and practical information, helping users in all sectors understand and evaluate the benefits of cloud computing.

CloudWATCH builds on its extensive partner networked community, broadening consensus on the most relevant standards for interoperable services and solutions, as well as fair and transparent certification schemes for cloud services.

CloudWATCH is a sustainable platform, with an increasing focus on SMEs and services coming from European research and innovation investments. The service catalogue will promote new open-source, interoperable services developed by European initiatives, helping to transform the way they typically communicate their results.

5 reasons to join the CloudWatchHUB.eu community

Public and private sector user stories demonstrating real benefits of cloud computing.

Showcasing interoperable approaches and best practices on legal and contractual issues

Insights on the real cloud service consumer concerns: security, trust, privacy level agreements, interoperability

Promotion of common standards profiles & Practical guidance on relevant standards

Success stories on European research results, from new service offers with reinforced capabilities to new spin-offs.